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Cloud Computing

This week is a time to reflect upon the cloud. I’ve always found the term “cloud computing” to be both accurate and completely inaccurate. In the for column, the idea of dispersed content is completely accurate. As is the idea that you can … Continue reading

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Maps and Mash-ups

Before this week I had some familiarity with mash-ups. As the class’ other Sarah pointed out– a lot of us watch and love Glee! As for maps, at work I’ve completed two projects involving Google Maps, the first was a … Continue reading

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Introduction to Web 2.0

As I was reading the articles for this week, I kept flashing back to a video that I saw last semester that finally helped me understand what people meant by Web 2.0: In addition to making me smile, this video really helps … Continue reading

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Introducing the Blogger

My name is Sarah and I am a second semester student. As a temporary transplant from Vancouver, I am quite enjoying London so far. Prior to entering the program I completed a BA in Psychology from Simon Fraser University and … Continue reading

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