Wrap-Up Post

It is a little hard to believe that the class is over.

A lot of topics have been covered this semester, from defining social media/technologies/software to learning about and discussing the implications of use for libraries.

I feel that I got what I came for. While familiar with social media, I really wanted a chance to learn about what other students and practitioners know about these technologies, as well as how they feel about them. I have gained a greater understanding of how the use of social media is different for organizations than it is for individuals. I learned about the differences between organisations- what a public library might do is different than what an academic library might do. There are even differences between public libraries, it all depends on the demographics and interests of the community.

The surprising thing that I learned in this course is that I am really not a visual person. Librarian David Lee King just posted about how important visual media is for libraries. I find that I prefer text, like Delicious (social bookmarking) and Twitter (microblogging) over Pinterest (images as bookmarks) and Tumblr (microblogging). This means that I should stay aware of what is appealing to my community members, and not just stay with services that I prefer, or are comfortable with.

There were several activities this semester that I really, really loved. Like the map-mashup- it allowed me to start playing with html and css again (perhaps an unintended consequence). The podcast activity was really fun, and I know wish I had a reason to make more.  Most of the other activities were mostly reflection, as I had accounts, or experience with the other topics.

I am still not sure about the deeper implications of gaming in libraries outside of gaming days for teens and kids, using consoles- and providing access to hardware that can run the games. This is a topic I will need to reflect more on- for an activity that is a solo (physically) activity, with the only interaction occurring online- what can libraries do? Encourage gamers to have RL meet-ups on site? Would that be something that would appeal? I know that some libraries have meet-ups for writers (another solo activity), and provide space and extension cords, maybe something similar would be helpful. But we have come a long way from the LAN parties that my friends used to have… so yes, I will continue to reflect.

I do know that libraries need to be thinking about all of the topics we have discussed and need to consider how to best position themselves within the social media landscape.

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One Response to Wrap-Up Post

  1. ASK says:

    I really appreciate your comments on gaming. I know it was a challenge for our library to implement. I still think there is a place in the library for it, but you really have to have a great understanding of your community. The Map mashup was also my favourite!

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