the Mobile Web

I have to mention- I love that this week’s lesson started out by discussing how Android phones are better phones!

For this week’s activity we were to make a podcast. And I have to say that this was not as  scary/difficult as I imagined.

In the following audio file I talk about why mobile sites are great, why QR codes are awesome, and why I’m not a podcast person.

Runtime: 7min 43sec

In the interests of accessibility, here is a link to my script:

Overall, this week was a lot of fun!

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3 Responses to the Mobile Web

  1. ASK says:

    I really enjoyed your discussion about QR Codes this week. One thing I did not consider this week was that QR Codes can link to viruses. Your point about knowing the source and trusting whether nor not the information is credible before scanning the code is important. Thanks for sharing.

  2. cmonnin says:

    That’s a really great point on app vs. platform. Libraries really need to be looking ahead at what will work best for all of our patrons, and I agree, apps are not ideal for our patrons. It’s interesting because, and I think I already mentioned this to you, but at OLA this year at the Mobile in Academic Libraries talk, they mentioned that publishers are moving towards apps rather than a mobile site – which is a terrible idea! I hope they end up moving in another direction.

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