Maps and Mash-ups

Before this week I had some familiarity with mash-ups. As the class’ other Sarah pointed out– a lot of us watch and love Glee!

As for maps, at work I’ve completed two projects involving Google Maps, the first was a little map with parking information on our Contact Us page, and the other was a map with locations of interest for when the Olympics were in town. That involved trails, annotations, but no images.

For this week, on Google Map Maker I suggested that one of the three duplicate entries for my library be removed. I do like that any changes need to be verified by another user.  I have used that before when Google decided that the library was actually in another municipality. It made things very confusing for the Internet class.

I was really excited about the second class activity. It is not often I get to play with FTP clients (no Web Design class for me), and I have a couple of projects on the go that this could be helpful with.

It was easy to get everything set up- and I understood the concept behind the rest of the map building exercise, but I wasn’t having any luck saving my locations.  After switching from Chrome to Firefox, I had no issues in creating locations. The video was very helpful in making suggestions.

After creating the map and uploading it onto my uwo space, I ran into another stumbling block- an error about my Google Maps API key. After a close examination of the code, I discovered that I had pasted over the opening “. With that fixed everything worked!

Here is my map with most of the locations that I have visited over the since 2010: Sarah’s First Map

This was a lot of fun, and I had managed to forget how easy it was to work with webspace and ftp clients, as long as you have the proper permissions, everything is great!

Now, excuse me while I play with my Western site…



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4 Responses to Maps and Mash-ups

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  2. ASK says:

    I really like your map Sarah! It was a good idea to get rid of the duplicates entries for your library. At our old library, it took a while to change the library address after we moved. New visitors were still going to the old location! It is great to learn how easy this is for us to fix. There are a lot of things we can do without overloading our IT person.

  3. cmonnin says:

    I had that problem too! I got rid of ” as well. See, html coding can be very tricky.

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