Wikis and other Collaborative Tools

While not unfamiliar with wikis, I did learn something new from this week’s lesson: that “wiki” is Hawaiian for quick! That was pretty neat, I’ve always wondered where the term came from.


I was a little afraid of this part of the week’s tasks, Wikipedia seems so huge and overwhelming- what is my knowledge compared to the worlds? I originally was going to edit the E-book reader article, but the part that I had an issue with was not editable. So I turned to another topic that I know a fair amount on, the West Vancouver Memorial Library. Now, in the interests of proactive disclosure, I have edited this page before. This time, I made an minor edit and added in a link to another wikipedia article.

Other Wikis:

This is a link to a project that I worked on with a classmate during my  library technician diploma:,_Rebecca_Orr

It was a great project because we were introduced tot he idea of working within a collaborative space, and in using the strange codes that were nessessary to create a table of contents and external links back then. Also, it used WikiMedia software which is a bit different than pbworks.

I do feel that in the last four years that the technology has improved- today I created a page on the class wiki: Best Library Blogs primarily to play with the WYSIWYG editor, and also in the hopes that people will assist with a annotated list of library blogs.

Overall, both popular (and free) types of wiki software are very easy to use, and I am glad I took the chance to re-familiarize

And other Collaborative Tools:

Google Docs is an incredible tool. I just handed in a paper where all of the group members had their parts of the paper in the document. We were then able to edit and comment on the document in Google Docs as well. If we wanted we could have also shared the paper to others so that they could view, but not be able to edit.

Overall, I really enjoy using online collaborative tools and I look forward to do more in my job in the future.


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