RSS & Me

I love RSS feeds. I’ve loved them for years, and I can’t imagine how I would get my news without them. It was during my first semester of my library technician diploma that I was introduced to RSS feeds and they changed the way that I looked at the web. We used Bloglines for setting up our feeds, and I was entranced.

Now, years later, I have all the websites and blogs that I follow organized, mostly by topic and ability to look at them at work. Which are my technology & library folders, with an occasional foray into news. I also have since migrated to Google Reader, mostly to have all of my web apps linked to one account.

My RSS feed foldersIf you are interested here is a link to all of the Library Blogs that I follow: Keep up-to-date with Libraries  and here are my Technology Feeds. Both link to “bundles” in Google reader where there is a RSS feed of all of the blogs, and an opportunity to subscribe if you find the feeds interesting.

Speaking of reading feeds at work- RSS and the library! Blogs and the library!

I think that both are awesome. Like both the Schwartz and the Fichter articles, I feel that blogs are a great way to promote your library’s services, and to allow for better community involvement.  Calgary Public Library uses blogs well, as does North Vancouver City Library.

For staff, being able to keep up on industry news beyond monthly publications is great- and being able to follow local news sites can notify you to unfolding events before your patrons know, a very handy thing.

You can also use a blog for the RSS feed it creates. For my library’s mobile site we have an events feed, from a blog created for the sole purpose of creating the events feed. Here it is. A funny work around, but it is a useful one.

In conclusion, if you love information, you should be able to find love for RSS- you’ll never miss an update again.

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2 Responses to RSS & Me

  1. That’s an awesome list of blogs that you follow! I was interested in finding out which were the great blogs to follow so I appreciate your list 🙂

  2. Ye Liu says:

    Sarah, I love your technology bundle!! Now I know how to follow up with the newest tech stuff!!

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